A New Take On Mobile Control & Automation.

Design a control interface for your
automation projects
without touching a line of code

Professional Integrators

Smart Home Electricians

Customise our mobile app to suit your project using our web-based project builder.

Step 1 - Specify Zones

Add zones (rooms, areas, groups) and configure their activities (eg. Watch TV, Comfort, Lighting).
These form the basis for your project navigation.

Step 2 - Configure Modules

Add modules for the devices in your system, such as Samsung TV, Philips Hue, Denon Receiver.
Then configure your zone activities, events and routes to automate these devices.

Step 3 - Push to Device

Push the project to your mobile device.
Configure any modules live on your mobile device where required (for device discovery, etc).

Easy To Use

The online project builder allows you to create your own mobile control interfaces quickly and easily.
The built-in tour guide will help you get familiar with the builder in no time.
Create your first project - it's FREE!

Cloud Managed

Push project updates directly to your customers' devices without a site visit.
Monitor and debug projects remotely.
Once configured, runs locally - no internet required.

Open Architecture

Use our ever-expanding module library, or develop your own modules to control any device.
Developer Guides

Putting everyone in control

Residential, commercial integrators, DIY users.
So easy, anyone can use it, yet extremely flexible to suit any project.

Pricing Options

All prices in USD

Start for free and grow with your needs.
No credit card required to get started. No contracts.

Get Started Now - Free Trial!

Project Pricing
Get Started Free

  • First project free to use for 30 days
    Then $59 one time fee per project

  • Unlimited Zones
  • Unlimited Activities
  • Unlimited Events & Actions
  • Module Library
  • Theme Customisation
  • Basic Logging (7 days rolling)
  • Email Notifications
  • Download & Edit Projects in guiDesigner

Pro Features

All prices in USD

Project Pro

  • Enables additional project-specific features.

  • Remote Access for Users
  • Live Update Push to User's Device
  • Advanced Logging
  • Project Users and Permissions
  • Project Revision Backup & Restore

Control Center Pro

  • Enables advanced account level features.

  • Project Sites (Grouping)
  • Controller Config Backup and Restore
  • Project & Site Incident Tracking
  • Push Messages to Users
  • SMS Notifications (additional costs apply)
  • Custom WebHooks

Frequently Asked Questions

What hardware controllers or hubs do I need?

None! You can control any IP-Enabled device (any device that sits on your Ethernet network) directly from our app without additional hardware.
If you want to enable remote control access, you will need to use our Solo controller.
Any non-networked device (IR, serial, relays, Zigbee, Zwave, etc) can be controlled by adding our Solo controller or other Ethernet converters/adapters/hubs to your project via our module database.

What software do I need to install?

Projects are built in your browser, no other software is needed for configuration. Then you install our iViewer 5 app on your mobile device where your configured project is loaded to.

What mobile platforms are supported?

Projects generated with the online builder can be run on any model iPad.
iPhone and Android support will come later.

Can I use Project Pro features without a Control Center Pro subscription?

Yes! You can adjust your subscription at any time to cover as many projects as you need, with or without the additional Control Center Pro subscription features.

What languages are supported?

Project themes feature customisable text placeholders, allowing you to customise the main text elements to any language.

Can I edit the projects in guiDesigner?

Yes! Any project created with the online project builder can be further customised in our guiDesigner software.
Any changes you make in guiDesigner cannot be restored to the online Control Center project.
Any project edited in guiDesigner will require a valid iViewer 5 license for each mobile device.

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